Our Values

Customer focused

We are a service oriented organisation focused on our customer needs. We will work relentlessly to ensure our customers are successful.


Each issue we must overcome will be managed in the same manner, no matter how small or how large it will be.


We live the motto “do what we say”. However, when problems arise, we put ourselves to the maximum to prevent or minimize inconvenience to the customer.


We demonstrate commitment in treating customers, colleagues and partners fairly and with respect and listen to others for understanding.


We are committed to providing high quality CNC machined parts and prototypes. We continuously strive to improve in all aspects.


Our goal is to create a culture of “can do attitude” where we will always give it our best effort before we say it can’t be done.


We continuously work to be a highly effective, lean and fast moving organisation.


We strive to where ever possible prevent or otherwise minimize and remediate harmful effects of our operations on the environment.