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Our services include 3-Axis CNC milling, 3D surface machining, CNC turning, drilling, reaming, tapping, thread milling and more. More details can be found on our Services page.

For milling: 300x220x150mm

For turning: ⌀70x120mm

General tolerances: by default, we offer 3 different general tolerance levels (±0.10mm, ± 0.07mm, ±0.05mm). 

Tight tolerances: we are capable of holding the tight tolerances where you require them (a 2D drawing is required). Sometimes when a part is more complex, it can add some lead time to the order. We will still get it out in a timely fashion.

  • Font engraving: minimum stick width of 1 mm and a maximum depth of 0.3 mm.
  • Gorges, pockets and rounded corners: minimum size: 1mm
  • minimum radius for convex corners: 1mm
  • Punctures: maximum depth of 7 times the diameter, if a hole is joined to a wall the length will start from the edge of the wall itself.
  • Walls: minimum thickness of 1mm.
  • Threads: maximum depth of 7 times its diameter. If a hole is positioned next to a wall, length starts from the edge of that same wall. On blind holes, threading is done up to a maximum of 3/4 of the hole depth.

Yes. If there are threaded or reamed holes in your part, please indicate it the additional notes field of the quote request form and include a 2D drawing with details.

We accept .STEP, .STP, .DWF, .DWG, and .PDF files.

We are glad to sign a Non-disclosure agreement. Submit it to [email protected]

In any case we manage your projects with the utmost discretion, and respect the confidentiality of all information received.

We ship to countries within the European Union.

Our facilities are located close to Lisbon, Portugal. You can find our address here.

We accept PayPal payments and bank transfers.

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